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Koala Plush Baby Sleep Soother | Baby Sound Machine Toy Night Light

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Relieve Separation Anxiety

Bedtime separation anxiety is normal, but it can be detrimental to development when you and your child are consistently losing sleep. Any solution which can alleviate this should be sought out so that your child can be rested and ready for every day. To help parents and their little ones with sleep, SleepBliss designed a cuddly koala friend, capable of engaging the tactile, visual and auditory senses by projecting magnificent star lights and gentle white noise. The soothing sounds and star projections will  become your best ally in helping your baby sleep calmly. 

With 13 distinctive calming sounds, state-of-the-art light projectors with three different brightness levels and sensors that respond to your baby’s crying, this sleep aid doubles as your child’s security stuffed animal – once they get their hands on it and see what it can do, they will absolutely love it!

Customizable, Interactive and Easy to Carry & Clean!

SleepBliss cares for you and your kids! That's why our koala baby soother is designed to be both soft and cuddly, yet mesmerizing and interactive. It makes the perfect companion, and will become a reassuring presence in your child’s crib. Among the many customizable settings is a shut-off timer which will turn the soother off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. Or, simply press the timer button until the light flashes green which sets a timer for 30 mins. With adjustable settings for volume, projection brightness level, and sound sequence or repetition, you will be able to find the unique combination that captures the attention of your child, and lulls them to sleep. 

Sleep doesn’t happen only in the crib, that’s why this soother has been designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, allowing it to accompany your child wherever they go. When it gets dirty, just take the soundbox out and hand wash it to keep it clean and fresh. The packaging contains other important accessories and a user manual, so that you can get the most out of it. 


  • A CRIB COMPANION – This baby sleep soother is so cute and soft that your children will become attached to it. Its reassuring presence will make them feel like they're not alone. A crib soother with music and lights helps children comfort themselves back to sleep, so that you can get some yourself.
  • CUSTOMIZE BEDTIME – Crib toys with music and lights are great for developing a routine and atmosphere that signals it's sleeping time. The lullaby machine built into this baby sleep aid has 13 sound settings, from nature to mama's heartbeat. There is sure to be a sound your child responds to.
  • GREAT FOR ON-THE-GO PARENTS – Baby sleep soothers aren't just for the crib. From vacations to long drives, bring the comfort of home anywhere. Don't worry about it getting dirty, like all good soothers for babies, this toy can be easily washed by hand for continued use.
  • SENSORY DISCOVERIES – A baby soother for crib should be more than just a lump of fluff. Get a lullaby soother that engages more than one of your child's senses, holds their attention and generates curiosity. Then allows them to get the sleep they need to develop, and the sleep you need to properly rest.
  • THE GIFT OF SLEEP – Even people without children know, for new parents, sleep is a valuable commodity. Which makes this crib sleep soother a gift made for a baby shower or early birthday. Sleep deprived parents will be overjoyed to receive this baby music player for sleeping and try something new.
  • 12 MONTH WARRANTY! We love making our customer family happy. If anything goes wrong or your little one isn't quite vibing with our Koala please just send us an email and we'll help you out in no time.