About Us

Coming out of a Sport and Exercise Science degree in Sydney, Australia, it became apparent to Jackson that exercise and nutrition weren’t always the two main factors that would impact an athlete’s performance. But not only was it their sport performance suffering, it was their everyday mood, hunger, alertness and motivation. So, it got him thinking as to what else can influence a person’s day to day… sleep! Everybody knows deep down that after a good nights sleep you feel fresher in the morning, leading to a clearer mind to make clear and concise decisions and movements throughout the day. This can then ultimately lead to improved productivity and performance.

That then lead to his next question as to what can help people sleep better and more consistently without taking banned substances or rely on prescription medication… sound therapy! This is what led Jackson to create SleepBliss. A brand and movement to help every individual have access to a natural and deserving sleep experience, which will benefit more than one aspect of their life. 

Fast-forward to today and we have our first innovative sleep therapy machine to help everyday individuals get the rest you deserve to ensure you wake up feeling like the best version of yourself! Plus soon to be released Koala Plush Baby Soother to help the little bub!

 Australian owned and operated