About Us

Experience your day today, knowing you will have the sleep of your dreams tonight.


Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep leads to a happier, healthier you. So why let your adorable little bub get in the way of that too? 

Coming out of a Sport and Exercise Science degree in Sydney, Australia, SleepBliss was born when it became apparent to Jackson that exercise and nutrition weren’t always the two main factors that would impact an athlete’s performance. But not only was it their sport performance suffering, it was their everyday mood, hunger, alertness and motivation. So, it got him thinking as to what else can influence a person’s day to day… sleep! Everybody knows deep down that after a good nights sleep you feel fresher in the morning, leading to a clearer mind to make clear and concise decisions and movements throughout the day. This can then ultimately lead to improved productivity and performance. 

Well not only is that true for adults, it is also true for newborns! A study from Canada found that toddlers who got the most sleep were better at function and skills—including the ability to pay attention, set goals, and stay on task. 

So over-time and after many interactions with friends and family who suffered from tinnitus, and parents who struggled with countless amounts of restless and interrupted sleep, he concluded that Sound Therapy could be the answer! So, he passionately and extensively researched the most universal and most effective sound therapy could assist young ones and their parents. 

Leading to the introduction of our first innovative Koala Plush Baby Soother. With the likes of white noise, mommas heartbeat, intrinsic sounds you'd find in the natural environment, and star projected lights all in a cute Koala companion, we pride ourselves on delivering quality and consistent products that genuinely help you and your baby.



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