Expert Moms Have Spoken! Top 7 Baby Sleeping Tips

Sleeping tips for baby


For some mothers, putting your baby to sleep is like detonating a bomb. Just one mistake, and all hell will break loose! While it is surely a tough job to do, it's not really that impossible. In fact, some mothers have already decoded the great baby sleeping mystery.

We've talked to a collection of mothers and medical experts to know the top 7 baby sleeping tips. Make sure that you take note of each piece of advice so you'll never have to worry about an explosive baby cry blowing off again!

1. Swaddle

Swaddling sure looks uncomfortable for our adult eyes, but not for newborn babies! Swaddling doesn't just keep the baby warm, but it also mimics the enclosed and tight space of a mother's womb. And for newborn babies, there is nothing more comfortable than the place they've literally slept in for nine months.

2. Facial massage

Parents from all over the world are divided about one of the most popular baby sleeping tips: facial massage. While others think that it's a sure way to put babies into sleep, others argue that it can do more harm than good as it may be dangerous for the fragile bodies of the babies.

The secret to the perfect baby facial massage is the pressure. Baby facial massage should only be on skin level. Unlike adult massage, it's not meant to stimulate the nerves or soothe the muscles, but instead, it's done to provide warmth for the baby. So, be as gentle as you can be to get your baby sleeping.

3. Strategic diaper changing

We all know that peeing and pooping are the main predicaments of a baby's good night's sleep. The best time to change the diaper is right before you put them to bed. This way, the diaper would be able to absorb pee and hold poop overnight!

4. Get a baby soothing accessory

A baby’s sense of hearing is already strong even before he is born. Therefore they respond to different kinds of music and sound even if he is just in his mother’s womb. Needless to say, this sense of hearing is further developed together with his or hers other senses.

Capitalize on this strong sense of hearing and use it to get your baby to sleep. Buying a baby soother that will stimulate their hearing can be a huge help! Some of the most effective sounds to put your baby to sleep are relaxing nature sounds, mama's heartbeat, and white noise. Try this Koala Baby Soother by SleepBliss, you wont regret it.

5. Heating the crib

Babies are real suckers for heat. This is the reason why your baby could sleep easier in your arms than in their own crib; it's because of your body heat!

So what's the best and easiest way to heat the crib? Before putting the baby to sleep, try placing a bottle with warm water on the crib. Exactly on the position where you will lie your baby down. Just make sure that no water will leak to the crib as it could scathe the baby!

 6. Dim the nursery

This is perhaps the most common mistake among parents. We know that you want to keep an eye on your baby, but that doesn't mean that you have to place bright lights on your nursery. Even adults hate light when sleeping!

As much as possible, keep only one warm light on your entire nursery and place it the farthest it could be from your baby's crib. Our Koala Soother will work perfectly for this tip. Simply turn off the room lights and have the toy’s star light projector pointing to the ceiling and off to sleep they go!

 7. Lie beside your baby

Last but definitely not least, lie beside your baby. The most endearing thing to a baby is his or her mother’s smell.

As nature goes, a mother’s smell automatically gives the feeling of protection and security to a baby. It gives them a sense of comfort and calm that are imperative to a good night’s sleep. Lie beside them on your bed for about a minute or two, and when you know he’s in deep slumber, you can move him to his own crib!


So, which of these top 7 baby sleeping tips are you going to try first? Why not try them all together! Why they may seem painstaking at first, remember that your baby's good night's sleep is your sleep, too! Well, at least for a bit!

Share your experience with our techniques in the comment section below!


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