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Baby Soother Perfect Baby Shower Gift

If you haven't experienced pregnancy and having a baby, you will most likely have little to know idea about finding the perfect baby shower gifts. You'll be lucky if the mom-to-be you're shopping for has set up a registry.

In case she hasn't, you might get overwhelmed shopping through the baby aisle. Sifting through products you have never heard of, to others you don't know how to use, shopping for the perfect baby show gifts can be overwhelming.

To help a pregnant mother take a break from all the baby carrying hassle, you must get them a useful present. To make things much easier, we have reviewed the four perfect baby shower gifts. These are presents you and the receiver will love.


Need: Labor & Delivery Bag 

A perfect baby shower gift for an overwhelmed mom-to-be. The bag should carry items such as;

  • A notebook to login hospital notes
  • Loose and comfortable clothing for the mother to easily move about
  • Two comfortable and supporting bras, such as nursing bras
  • Breast pads
  • Six or more disposable panties
  • A favorite book/music or podcasts she likes
  • Washbag with new toiletries
  • Dressing gown and slippers
  • Baby socks, scratch mittens, booties, hat & bibs
  • Nappies/diapers & shawl/blanket

The labor and delivery bag takes a lot of pressure from an expectant mom. She will have necessary things and might have forgotten to carry them with her to the hospital.


Cozy: Sleeping Robe & Socks

Carrying a child to term is no mean fit. During the pregnancy, the body goes through constant changes altering basic functions such as sleep and rest.

Surprise the mom-to-be with a soft jersey fabric robe and high thread socks that will make her look forward to mornings and evenings.

The soft fabric will massage her aching body when sitting or sleeping, while the socks will make her fall asleep much quicker since they're both warm and comfortable.


Handy: Basket Bassinet

A two-handle bassinet is a perfect gift for a new mother. The baby will be carried easily; the bassinet can be set into its frame to rock the baby into sleep gently. It's the perfect companion because it's versatile. It can be used at home and while on the move.


Recommended: Koala Plush Baby Sleep Soother | Sound Machine Night Light

When the baby comes, bedtime separation anxiety becomes the new normal. A child requires enough sleep to develop properly.

A cuddly Koala Plush Soother from SleepBliss is the perfect gift. The Koala projects magnificent star lights and emits gentle white noise that fully engages the baby's tactile, visual, and auditory senses. The soothing sounds and star projections will help the baby calm and sleep calmly.

This Koala Sleep Soother is customizable and easy to clean and carry. It has 13 distinctive calming sounds, futuristic light projectors that adjust to three different brightness levels. Making it very easy to adjust the lights and music to help the baby calm down and sleep blissfully.

The soft and cuddly baby soother from SleepBliss cares for both the parent and the newborn. It's a versatile stuffed animal that mesmerizes all, thus making it the perfect companion.

You cannot go wrong with this cuddly Sleep Soother as a perfect baby shower gift that is also unique. Further, the stuffed animal will still be functional as a companion and sleep aid as the baby becomes a toddler and beyond.

Our Take

These are all great baby shower gifts that any new mom would love; each gift serves a specific purpose that helps ease the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. After the baby comes, the Koala Plush Baby Sleep Soother will most definitely become a handy addition to their sleep routine. 


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