How Sleep Affects Your Immunity

Sleep for immunity
As you may have heard, a lack of sleep can affect your immune system and slow down your recovery from a cold or the flu. So what is the connection between your immune system and how sleep affects your immunity? There are many factors that determine your immune response to the cold and flu. Here are the most important ones:
Cytokines: You may think that your cytokines just react with your symptoms, but that isn't actually the case. They determine how your immune system reacts. For example, if your immune system doesn't respond to an infection, your body may produce a substance called interleukin-6.
The substance interleukin-6 is associated with inflammation in the body and is an important mediator of fever and of the acute phase response. It also helps to speed up the recovery process after you get sick, making it easier for the body to fight the cold and flu. However, cytokines work only when they are balanced by your other immune responses.
Other factors that contribute to your ability to fight off colds and flu include your stress level, the type of medication you are taking, and the quantity of sleep you get. For example, those who have insomnia are more likely to develop sleep apnea, which causes your immune system to be less responsive.
There are other factors, like what time of day you get sick, that also influence your immune system. This is one reason why getting enough sleep is so important; it can help you restore your immune system before the cold and flu run rampant.
Furthermore, a nutritious diet is always a great way for keeping the immune system strong, and it should not be ignored that the body takes a lot of vitamins and minerals from the food we eat. This is essential for our body's health, but they are not readily available all the time. We must make sure that we consume the required nutrients on a regular basis.
People often face the problem of insufficient sleep. This is can be due to not being attentive about the changes in their lifestyle and work schedule. It is important to set a sleeping routine as this keeps the mind and body fit. One should be able to sleep peacefully and for a long time without any disturbances. The use of a sound machine is a perfect place to start creating an effective sleep routine and create immune benefiting sleeping habits.
Finally, there are a number of techniques to keep the immune system intact. By adopting these lifestyle changes, one will be able to take control and get the best sleep possible. Some of the best techniques to stay healthy include regular exercise, meditation and proper diet.

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