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Purchased this for my 2 month old and he absolutely loves it! The music is soothing and the light up stars are great! He is starting to track them
When lying on his play mat. I also love that this is super easy to clean as the Koala body snaps off so it is machine washable. Would highly recommend this product for new moms! It’s a must have and also great for travel!



This little koala is cute beyond words! You can use it as a toy/companion or you can install batteries (inluded!) and enjoy music, nature sounds, and lights. I love that the volum and the brightness are adjustable! We prefer them on low setting for bedtime, but could play louder during the day. I appreciate that Koala has velcro, so you can attach it to almost anything - crib, stroller, infant car seat - so the lovey will always be there without the risk of being dropped.
It is machine washable (just remove the sound/light box first), but we haven't had the need to wash it yet, so I can't say how it would hold up in the wash.



Perfect Gift

This item was purchased as a baby gift for a friend who is obsessed with Koalas. After reading the may positive reviews I decided to go for it. I especially like the Velcro strap that you can use to connect on the go, and the fact that you can easily take it apart to wash it. Wonderful gift, mom & baby both love it!

Montana Tera


Soft and cute . It looks super nice. The sounds are nice and it is a soother :)

Mohammad Khan


This was better than expected. It was very soft and comfortable for an infant to hold. The light was bright and the music was excellent. A little hard to get the center piece back in to change batteries. Overall it is a good product.



Its very cute toy. My baby loves it. I can easily clean it by washing. The light and music is very relaxing.

Babita matiyal


Couldn’t be happier with my purchase ! Spent a long time looking for a white noise sound machine and am over the moon I went with the sleepbliss instead of other similar products. As soon as I unboxed it I was happy. It is slim and compact and easy to use (great for travel). The sound quality is super clear and realistic and the battery life is insane. I suffer from tinnitus and this has been a huge help ! Highly recommend 5 stars on this machine and 5 stars to the seller for answering all my questions!

Bailey Preston

I have owned several sound machines in my past for my three small children. The apartment we live in has limited sound proofing. Therefore, every time our upstairs neighbors walk or loudly speak, we hear noise. Additionally, their little girl keeps running around in the mornings causing us to wake up and my children.
So I must use a sound machine throughout the nights. I got this sound machine from SoundBliss and I think it is probably the best one yet. The quality of sounds is amazing! The sound machine looks awesome too, with the added convenience of lighting. Easily chargeable and can be taken anywhere. Well made, and durable. I love it and totally recommend it.
Thank you. 


SleepBliss Koala Baby Soother Unboxing and Review!

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How White Noise Can Help Your Bub!

White noise is generally referred to as a mix of sounds or electrical signals that consists naturally in a given environment. It is often used to mask surrounding sounds. People like to use white noise machines as an aid to fall asleep and down out unwanted noises such as loud traffic, music and barking dogs.

Furthermore, white noise is proven to be a great way to assist babies and children to fall asleep faster than without white noise. In fact, a study from the Archives of Disease in Childhood concluded that 80 percent of the babies listening to white noise for 5 minutes fell asleep quicker than those without. In addition, for decades white noise machines and soothers have assisted children and adults suffering from tinnitus (experienced by people as a high-pitch ringing or various noises in the ear, mostly common when there is an absence in external noise) and other potential sleep issues.

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